Vital Edge Health

Vital Edge Health is proud to offer a Direct Primary Care network of high-quality medical professionals to employers as an affordable choice for their employees’ healthcare. The Direct Primary Care model of proactive, integrated medicine has been proven to deliver healthier, more productive employees while lowering long-term healthcare costs for businesses.

80-90% of a patient’s healthcare needs may be covered by the Vital Edge Health network and provides an exceptional alternative to employer groups who are shut out of conventional healthcare due to prohibitive costs. When paired with major medical or cost sharing solutions, patients receive exceptional and comprehensive healthcare and coverage.

How It Works

The Vital Edge Health network is a membership-based model. Rates start at $100 per employee. SEE MEMBER RATES & BENEFITS HERE. After enrollment, employees choose a primary care provider from the Vital Edge network that they may access with no copay for unlimited routine and acute care visits, procedures and labs.

It’s easy to get started. Employers may contact Vital Edge Health directly at 541-210-5687 to get their group enrolled. Once enrolled, employees may choose from a list of primary care providers in their area HERE.

Employer Benefits

HC Savings
Fewer HOS Admissions
Fewer ER Visits
  • Incredible cost savings
  • Healthier, more productive employees
  • Personalized health care; pay for care not coverage
  • Fewer health claims…

Interested in Membership for your Employees?

* Specialty care and integrated services provided varies at each VEH Direct Primary Care location. Please contact individual practices for more information here.

What is Direct Primary Care?

Getting the Most From Direct Primary Care