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Our mission is to make healthcare affordable, accessible and improve health outcomes for the communities we serve.

Helping Employers Lower the Cost of Health Benefits 

Since COST = UTILIZATION x PRICE, we help you in 2 ways.

(1) Adding a direct primary care (DPC) option to self-insured health benefits, or pairing DPC with other health benefit options, reduces claims by reducing utilization of high-cost urgent care, high-cost imaging, unnecessary specialist referrals; and by lowering drug costs thru focusing on lifestyle change first, and driving utilization of lower-cost generics when drugs are needed. And there are no claims for any primary care, so you want more utilization of your DPC physicians to lower healthcare costs.

(2) We connect you with benefits advisors that work for you. We will help you build your plan, not the insurer’s plan. We can help shopping for the lowest cash prices for all the services in your plan, rather than getting fake discounts on grossly over-inflated prices. We will teach you to know how your broker is paid and help you keep in control of your costs. The status quo is out! “Next Generation” benefits allow you to manage the supply chain costs in your health plan and give your employees a valuable health benefit with a significant return on your investment. Everyone wins!

Helping Physicians Rediscover the Joy in Practicing Medicine

Physicians are leaving the practice of medicine due to the burnout caused by fee-for-service medicine. Transitioning to a Direct Primary Care Practice can help you rediscover why you became a physician. Direct Primary Care allows for long appointment times and the personalized type of care you have long sought to provide. We connect your practice with large numbers of patients through our employer relationships, reducing the fear and risk of transitioning to direct primary care, allowing you to grow your monthly membership base quickly. We will share our experience in building our DPC practice to full capacity; and we will share our forms to help you get started. The Direct Primary Care is over 10 years old has evolved to the point where there has never been a better time to make the transition. Please ask us how we can help you.  

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