Vital Edge Health

Our mission is to make healthcare affordable, accessible and improve health outcomes for the communities we serve.

At Vital Edge Health,

our mission is to make healthcare affordable, accessible and improve health outcomes for communities we serve. We offer a Direct Primary Care network of high-quality medical professionals to employer groups looking for an alternative healthcare option. The Direct Primary Care model of proactive, integrated medicine has been proven to deliver healthier, more productive employees while lowering long-term healthcare costs for businesses.

80-90% of a patient’s healthcare needs may be covered by the Vital Edge Health network and provides an excellent choice to employer groups who are shut out of conventional healthcare due to prohibitive costs. When paired with major medical or cost sharing solutions, patients receive exceptional and comprehensive healthcare and coverage.

The Direct Primary Care Difference

What is Direct Primary Care?

Getting the Most From Direct Primary Care


Vital Edge Health offers a network of excellent Direct Primary Care providers who can cover 80-90% of your employees’ healthcare needs without sending claims to insurance. Thus, you pay for healthcare not insurance coverage.



Vital Edge Health prides itself in researching and vetting providers to ensure they align with our high standards of exceptional medical care and a patient-focused approach. Each are licensed and accredited in their specialties.



We are redefining healthcare through a patient-centered, whole body, integrated approach that has been proven to enhance health and productivity while substantially reducing medical costs compared to current healthcare models.