We help practices with transition to a DPC model

We assist primary care physicians in the process of converting to a direct primary care practice. We will share our forms, give you advice on practice set up, help you make decisions about a hybrid vs. straight DPC model, advise you on which platforms to use for the unique aspects of DPC practices such as billing and communication. We are just “paying it forward” from those who helped us get started. We all benefit from your success, including the companies and employees we serve.


Roger Cummins PA-C

Nicc’s Direct Primary CarePhysician’s Assistant- Family Practice
Office 4509 S 6th Street, Suite 301 Klamath Falls OR 97603 Office Phone: 541-238-6432 Website: Nicc’s Direct Primary Care
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Biographical Info

I moved to Klamath Falls from Roseburg in 1978 to attend OIT graduating with AS in Business and BS in Diagnostic Imaging.  After graduating I completed two years of resident training in Phoenix Arizona.  I then returned to Klamath Falls and worked 11 years at Merle West Medical Center in Interventional Radiology and Cardio Vascular procedures.  During this time I raised kids, horses and dogs.  Believing I could do more to help the people I cared for, I returned to college and graduated in 1996 from the University of Washington Medical School -MEDEX Northwest. I returned to Klamath Falls and joined Klamath Family Practice Center.  In 2017 we decided to close the practice. I then opened Klamath Fall’s first Direct Primary Care clinic in April of 2017. This type of practice allows me and my patients to have a better quality of life!

The fact medicine has dramatically changed in the past 35 years led me to the conclusion there had to be a better, more affordable way to provide patient care.  The typical medical setting forces providers to see 28 or more patients per day, only allowing short and rushed visits.  We all deserve better.  New is not always better so we went “Old School”.  In a direct primary care our office visits are scheduled for 30 – 45 minutes with the provider, there is little to no wait time.  This allows the appropriate time to get to know my patient and their family, to ask questions of the patients and for my patient to ask all their questions without feeling rushed.  To ask how they are doing, how their family is doing, and yes even ask about the family dog! I am available to my patients via email, texting, facetime, after hours visits and even house calls!

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