As an employer you want to provide your employees with the best healthcare options and coverage while keeping costs in check for your business. Vital Edge Health offers a network of excellent Direct Primary Care providers who can cover 80-90% of your employees’ healthcare needs without sending claims to insurance. Thus, you pay for healthcare not insurance coverage.

When paired with major medical solutions, Direct Primary Care affords patients better integrated and more personalized medical care than today’s current healthcare model.

Employer Benefits

HC Savings
Fewer HOS Admissions
Fewer ER Visits
  • Incredible cost savings
  • Healthier, more productive employees
  • Personalized health care; pay for care not coverage
  • Fewer health claims…

Employee Benefits

  • Patient-Centered
  • Less Out-of-Pocket Costs
  • Better Long-term Health

* Specialty care and integrated services provided varies at each VEH Direct Primary Care location. Please contact individual practices for more information here.

What is
Direct Primary Care?

Getting the Most From
Direct Primary Care

Signing Up for Employer
Group Direct Primary Care

What Employers Are Saying

I am a huge fan of the DPC model of healthcare. It's good for business owners and good for members. To have an option here in Southern Oregon that allows us to meet our employees' needs in the larger region while still having local contact is fantastic! They even make the bill pay easy.

Zach Woody, Dash Delivery, Inc.

Retaining my employees at this time was number one! I offer the health package to all employees and it made the difference in coming on board with us or another company. The affordability is a no brainer especially for those who want to use a holistic approach to their health. This type of care and dedication to figure out the root cause is like no other. I have not had to use any other source of healthcare in over 5 years. The employees at Organic Elements Spa are so grateful to be a part of Vital Edge Health!

Tamara Miller-Hixson, Organic Elements Spa

It's great to offer my employees naturopathic healthcare options. It encourages proactive health and wellness and provides a well-rounded, medical approach. Plus, the providers are very knowledgeable and thorough.